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An Artistic Gardening Project

18 May

My mom has decided she wants a garden. No, not radishes and snap beans — the kind of garden where you have an ornate metal bench and a water feature and (hopefully) a little bit of shade to sit and read and watch the birdies chirp, etc. 😉 So we ordered some tall black metal fence panels from Menard’s and borrowed a tiller from one of the brothers in our church. It was his dad who actually handed over the tiller — from his truck tailgate to mine — and he looked worried when he did it. He took quite a long time explaining to me how the tiller worked and trying to impress on me just how hard it was going to pull . . . but words can’t convey a thing like that.

I managed to go over the proposed 12′ x 18′ garden plot three times, lowering the tiller blades each time, but my muscles turned into noodles after that. So I quit for the day. When evening rolled around and I still couldn’t lift my hands (okay, that’s a teensy exaggeration), I called my brother and let him know he’d be tilling Mom’s garden in the morning. Hey, at least he didn’t have to do the hard part, cutting through all that million year old sod!

So for all of you who’ve always wondered what it looks like to till a garden plot with a rear tine tiller, this is your lucky day. I remember seeing ads in the Mother Earth News for tillers where a beautiful, slightly built lady is walking along beside the tiller, guiding it with one hand. It wasn’t quite like that . . .

It’s a good thing we didn’t decide to make a huge vegetable garden. I think if I ever do that, I’ll rent a tractor! Only the growing season up here on the mountain is too short to grow much of anything besides thistles and pine cones. Now for the fun part — figuring out the garden layout. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Three Aspens

21 May

I painted today in my yard! Hooray! It was supposed to rain, but it was breezy and kind of sunny once in a while. Chilly, though.  Anyway, my first plein air of the season, used my new “French” easel (made in China) and had to keep yelling at the dogs because they wanted to eat our little visiting Eared Grebe. Here he is:

Eared Grebe

I started to try to draw him, but he noticed me looking at him and wouldn’t come close. Or maybe it wasn’t me; maybe it was the dogs. He’s been here for more than a week now. The pond is very small, but he’s a very small grebe, so maybe he’ll stay a while. He must have gotten separated from his group. The bird book says they travel in huge flocks and fly as little as possible except for their migrations. He’s so cute and fluffy. I want to cuddle him, and so does my daughter, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Since my little buddy declined to pose for me, I decided to paint trees. Trees are good, reliable models and they never complain or even need a break. So, here’s what I painted today:

Three Aspens

It’s watercolor, 9 x 12″ rough pressed paper. I have recently been tempted by beautiful oil paintings and oil painting books, but I don’t have any oil paints. I have lots of acrylics and acrylic retarder medium, so maybe I’ll try something with that one day soon.

Watercolors are Fun

29 Apr

Hi Everybody

I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything here. (And I started out so well!) I’ve gotten a new camera, though, so I’m excited about getting back into the swing of things soon. Meantime, my latest foray into watercolor has kept me interested. Here are a few photos of recent pictures:

Watkins Glenn

Watkins Glenn

Snowy Creek

Snowy Creek

The Danger Within

The Danger Within

We’re doing “Mushroom Houses” . . . and the little creatures who call them home . . . in my pottery class. These are similar to the one in my mast head photo. I’ll post some pictures and maybe a wee tutorial soon.

God bless, Cindy