Keeping Track of Trimmings

12 May

Don’t you just hate the way those little clay shreds fly everywhere when you trim the bottoms of your pots? My system doesn’t prevent ANY trimmings from going flying, but it does confine them to the space in front of the wheel, which as you probably know, is a lot easier to clean up.

My Trimmings Tub

After going through cardboard screens, cardboard boxes and a few other unsuccessful ideas, I finally found this large tub. I’ve had it for a long time (as you can see), and I don’t remember where I bought it — Walmart, Shop-Ko, Runnings — somewhere like that. If you try this, you need to make sure that the diameter of your tub at wheel-head height is large enough to clear the wheel-head and anything you might put on the wheel head — trimming bats, Giffon Grip, etc. My splash pan is removable. If yours isn’t, this idea probably won’t work for you. I cut the tub with a utility knife, and it slides under the wheel head and just sits there, kind of wobbly – like. 😉

The Tub in Place on the Wheel Head

The hole in front is just large enough for me to get my hands in there. Sometimes it’s a little bit confining, but I manage. It’s soooo much better than having trimmings flying out everywhere. If you only work on fairly small pots, you could also cut the tub to make it shorter, but as I often make larger pieces, I’ve left it tall.

Trimmings in the Tub

You can see how the trimmings collect around the perimeter of the tub. If you have many pots to trim, you’ll need to scoot the trimmings toward the back and tamp them down a bit. Otherwise, they’ll tend to fly out the front more than is necessary. And be sure to remove the tub carefully and regularly to empty the trimmings into your reclaim bucket. If you let the tub get too full, not only does it stop working so well, but it becomes nearly impossible to get it off without major spillage! The above picture demonstrates the tub nearly at capacity. After I snapped the photo, I emptied it.

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