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Watercolor Wildflowers

17 May

Last year, when there was Summer, I took lots and lots of photos of wildflowers. These are two of them.

After drawing these flowers in pencil (on Strathmore 5 x 7 cold press card blanks), I masked them off. When the masking fluid was dry, I wet the paper, allowed the sheen to fade, then dropped in brushloads of foliagy colors. When it had spread a little, I laid a sheet of plastic wrap in the wet paint, crinkled it up a bit, and left it to dry.

Gunnison's Mariposa Lily

I was very happy with the way this lily turned out. Unfortunately, my mom saw it and now it’s in her house. Oh well. I’ll paint another one.

Dames' Rocket

This one was a learning experience. I didn’t draw all the flowers quite in perspective, and I didn’t make the background dark enough. I had to go back in and darken it, and then it was difficult to keep the paint from getting pushed into my flowers by the plastic wrap. Oh well. I’ll paint another one. 😉

Blessings, Cindy